Turmeric LozengesFirst Time in Sri Lanka

Ayurvedic principles
for good health

Ayurveda the ancient and holistic science defines health as the harmony between body, organs and mind for all the physiological processes, functions and it's outwardly expression. These ancient principles of Ayurveda are recognised in today's modern times. These basic principles aim to restore the internal balance to cure the ailments and its sustenance to prevent future recurrence. Ayurvedic remedies rely on the gifts of nature blissful for the mankind. The rhizomes of turmeric (haldi) are of immense importance with their medicinal use for more than 5000 years. The antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti -oxidant properties of turmeric helps against infections, pains and regenerative disorders; its ability to restore and correct the "tridoshas", the impaired internal balance aids immunity and adaptability.

Turmeric: Amazing facts

The medicinal properties of turmeric are due to its main constituent Curcumin and the others active molecules present with it. The entire turmeric extract possesses array of several medicinal properties that can continue to benefit generations. Turmeric is not water soluble and though often it is routinely taken with milk, it is actually rendered ineffective as it has to pass through the digestive system. The digestive juices and enzyme render curcumin and its other components ineffective by forming complexes. Turmeric has very low bioavailability when taken by mouth. This Poor bioavailability of turmeric is the limiting factor for developing effective conventional tablets for therapeutic purposes.

Termil: the recommended ALL ROUNDER for good health

QUICKSORB HYDROGEL TECHNOLOGY offers TermilTM the mouth dissolving lozenges of turmeric (also known as pastille) that bypasses the entire digestive system and allows almost 100% active constitutes of turmeric to be absorbed in the blood stream in its purest free form to provide therapeutic action. As it dissolves in the mouth, the active components directly enter the blood stream rendering instant action. The entire goodness of turmeric is preserved in its natural form to provide the entire array of medicinal properties. TermilTM bridges the ancient knowledge with modern science ensuring safety, quality, effectiveness and instant action without side effects.